Bike accident today

Bike accident today

I had my race-hybrid bike on service from yesterday until today (the 2nd free services that I got when I bought the bike in May) so I took my old MTB to work today. In an intersection, I decided to take a short cut over a raising in the road to get in front of the bikers in the biking queue. When I came over the obstacle, I lost the grip and couldn’t steer up the bike again so I fell to the ground and hit my left elbow which I broke for three years ago. I went to the hospital to x-ray the elbow to make sure if it was broken or not. They couldn’t see signs that it was a new fracture in the elbow. Luckily, I had a bicycle helmet on so that probably saved my life since I hit the head in the road too. I wonder how the pain will affect my heavy luggage when I move to Germany in a couple of weeks…?


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