Accommodation options

Accommodation options

I travelled to Germany this weekend to meet people which I have been in contact with regarding renting rooms in Augsburg. I had in total four meetings, three in Augsburg (see images) and one in Munich. The one in Munich was not ideal because it was too expensive and it started one month too late. The house in the left image (top floor) was located in a cozy environment and the rent was low, but it was located in the suburbs, 3000 m from the train station/ the city center. I sad no to the room (the picture in the middle; the yellow building to the right in the back.) The apartment was old and it was surrounded by old buildings too, but the main reason to why I said no was that it looked more like student dorm inside with untidy tenants. The third room was located down the road of the right image. The apartment was ca 5-10 minutes from the train station, very central. Let’s see which option that I get.


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