Push Conference 2013, Munich

Push Conference 2013, Munich

Collage from the Push Conference in Munich, a two day conference. I got the opportunity to attend one day since the colleague who were planning to go initially had to take care of something more urgent. I attended together with a colleague.
Pictures from the organizers, day 1Pictures from the organizers, day 2.
The speakers of this day (the second day) were among others:

> Elliot Woods (http://www.kimchiandchips.com)
> Wesley Grubbs (http://www.pitchinteractive.com)
> Sebastian Oschatz (http://www.meso.net)
> Mariana Santos (http://www.theguardian.com)
> Marcus Wendt (http://www.field.io)

Notes from Elliot Woods:
– People, nature and technology
– Opportunity (at the top of a vertical axis) and Imagination (at the bottom of the axis) “the studio” (in the middle of the axis)
– One person and their laptop
– You are what you think what you can do
– 2D vs. 3D, Design in 3D for 2D projection
– Viewport – window to the world – 3D forms lack truth in 2D (Super Mario example)
– Aspects of a new Digital Physical
– “Mutable toolable objects”
– Aesthetics of Error
– Aesthetics of Film – an photo where the grain of the film tells a story
– PROJECT: “Lit Tree” – Digital light as a semi material.
– PROJECT: “Visual Mass”
– PROJECT: “Scan Data” Projector becomes a live 3D camera
– “Shade of Lamps” – Digital lights manipulating mirrors

Notes from Wesley Grubbs:
– Visualization to communication
– “Stream graph”/ “Graph stream” – open source
– Tip to customers from Wesley: “Get used to see ugly things in the beginning until the iteration process is done”
– Telling a story with the data visualization rather than showing numbers
– PROJECT: “Invisible Montpellier” Traditional letters instead of phone calls, results in a date without an exact time of a complaint. This is because of how they report complaints.
– Technologies used: Processing and JavaScript
– “CityViewer”
– “the U – A effect” when someone first don’t get the idea of a concept, but then they understands it
– PROJECT: Climb SF- project. (Redfin.com = Real Estate, Homes for Sale)
– Tip from Wesley, how to handle raw data from an Excel document in the beginning: First think average and not of statistics.
– If the data you are provided with (from a customer) is changed, it will affect the stories that you are available to deliver and in the end your work will change
– E.g. of a News: “Drones strikes Afghanistan”. Which lens are you using to tell a story? A) How many got killed in a village or B) Graph of who had the power through a period of time
– 3 important factors: Time, Failure, Experience

Notes from Sebastian Oschatz:
– “Ego of the material”
– “Untangling rectangles”
– 5 strategies to avoid/ not work with rectangles:

1) Forget responsive design

2) Duck and cover
Project on things – building/ museum of an German writer,
Bayer Material Science K 2013

3) Let the people look elsewhere
BMW xDrive 2011, Integrating energy, silent, dynamic, electric
BMW 2013, Magic Sauce 4, Body motion

4) Shut up and code
M sculpture mathematics BMW,
Hyundai Concept Cars, Dashboard concepts, UI

5) Create tools (Mercedes- Benz Gallery 2010, Gustav Mahler Saal Light & Music)

– Tip from Sebastian: “First solve/ answer hard questions, then solve/ answer easier questions for the customer”

Notes from Mariana Santos:
– ICFJ Knight International Center for Journalists – Journalism Fellowships
– Hyper Island, Stockholm
– “Enabling the users to understand the story behind the data”
– infosthetics — infographics
– Founder of: “I >>love<< chic as Poderosas” – Girl power

Notes from Marcus Wendt:
– Visualization project for Nike called “Running on the beach/ city/ park”


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