Collboration spaces – a new way of working, office design of the future

An article that describes how employees tend to ‘fall’ in to habits and rarely go beyond those daily working routines. The article describes that Microsoft Australia has replaces ‘personal work spaces’ with ‘first in’ work spaces that nobody owns. This has reduced the need of personal belongings with 20% according to Microsoft and they have seen that employees has started to intermix with staff from other departments.

Google’s office in Sydney has tried to

It also mentions paradoxically, that the Universities are places where cubicles still exists and that connection wi

Here is the article.
Article talks about how companies like Microsoft and Google has tried to improve office spaces so the employees easier can have formal and informal meetings, brake learned patterns (habits) that they use at work and interact more with staff from different department blocks.

The Wall Street Journal – Warming up the Officeless Office – Talks about for instance the cost aspect of having a ‘first come-first serve’ desks at their offices.


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