Furnitures from Ikea delivered and the table assembled

Furnitures from Ikea delivered and a table assembled

Last Saturday I was away shopping furnitures and other usable articles at Ikea for around nine hours and I ordered home delivery since I among other things bought big and heavy stuff such as a couch, a dining table, four chairs for the table and a cub board.

The furnitures from Ikea got delivered yesterday at 1:15 pm. Interesting to see how the two men carried the boxes, especially the frame of the couch (Karlaby/ Killeberg) which weighs 39 kg. I just left all the boxes on the floor and left for work. When I got back home around 9:30 pm, I cooked dinner and after I have eaten it, I assembled the dining table. It might not been such a good idea to assemble the table when you are very tired, I put two legs at the wrong place (see image) so I had to switch positions of them. But it worked in the end.

Monteringsanvisningar på internet om man framöver behöver läsa dem igen och inte vill spara på pappersanvisningarna:
Melltorp – bord, Vilmar – stolar, Expedit – hylla, Ribba – tavelhylla, Lindmon – jalousie, Karlaby/ Killeberg – bäddsoffa (stommen), (stommen), Karlaby (överdrag).


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