An unexpected Scandinavian meeting on the platform in Augsburg this morning

An unexpected Scandinavian meeting on the platform in Augsburg this morning

An unexpected meeting happened on the platform at the train station in Augsburg this morning. The time was approximately 7:30 and I passed by a couple in their early 70’s with a suit case each, waiting for the Inter City Express train to Munich. I overheard the lady answering a question that the man had asked when I was out of reach from hearing anything of what they were saying. She said “ja”, with a non- german pronunciation and continued in the finnish language. I stopped for a moment, hesitated for a second; Should I go over and talk to them? I headed back those five, ten meters to them and asked the gentleman if they came from Finland in English. He pointed to the his wife, like if he wasn’t comfortable to speak english. His wife answered; yes we come from Finland. In her answer I could hear a swedish word that she used unconsciously so I responded in swedish; I come from Sweden.
The lady: so, then you want to speak swedish?
Me: yes, if you know swedish.
The lady: what do you do here?
Me: I work here, I live here in Augsburg but I work outside of Munich. I have been here since October.
The lady: Do you like it here?
Me: yes, I like it, it is ok. The company will move to Augsburg soon. What are you doing here?
The lady: We have visited our daughter who lives here with her husband and two children in Ulm. Our daughter’s husband has moved around between different jobs and countries.

My german colleague came to the platform and heard that we were speaking swedish. Shortly after this, the train came and I asked the couple if they had a first class train ticket (since the first class use to be at the front of the train). They didn’t have that. Their stop was Munich- Pasing, the same as mine. We said bye and I went to a car at the rear part of the train together with my colleague. The image shows a platform in Augsburg and is taken at a different date.


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