How to get Internet in Germany – Customer Journey – 1&1 is not two, rather 33! (part 5 of 5)

How to get Internet in Germany - 1&1 is not two, rather 33! (part 5 of 5)

March 5th. Service Technician connected Internet but didn’t report back to me.
(Continuing from part 4) …  At 7:40 p.m. a 1&1 employee called me, his english skills was good. I explained my issue and the person explained that a Service Technician had already been at my address and installed Internet for me but without forwarding the information to me. 1&1 had received the information during the afternoon/ evening from the Service Technician. Deutsche Telekom and 1&1 doesn’t have that good communication. To set up the hardware and sign password and so on, it remained four overall steps. When the hardware was set up an plugged in to the wall, I opened an Internet browser and typed the WPA2 password. One step before I had to enter the start code, I did something wrong and decided to call 1&1, using the same number as earlier. Using my best german (especially since the time almost was 10 p.m.) I managed to get help with installing the last steps by a guy with patience. So I could finally, 33 days after the first service touch point, surf on Internet from my current apartment. 1&1 isn’t two, rather 33!
(End of Pre- Service Stage).

Get the journey as a PDF.


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