The Runners – a nice short film

Running is nice, I have posted some running stuff earlier on the blog. I like running because it relief stress and it makes me think about other things in life rather than work. In this video people are sharing quite private things of their lives, some of the stories are quite touching.

The elderly man with grey hair and white and orange t-shirt (01:10 min) had good thoughts about exercise, he sais: people in general are sitting still to much and humans are made to move.
(04:17 min) He says that it is a challenge to run each year since your body gets slower.
(09:28 min) passionate to running, even in old age.

The girl with red jacket and blue trousers (01:40 min) said similar things as I have been thinking about from time to time during my time here in Germany. She said: if I am going to stay here for a certain period of time it has to be for serious otherwise, “f*** off, home and bee with my friends”. (09:51 min) you’re not supposed to look for signs, just let life happen.


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