Broken key replaced by a new one – and coffee

Broken key replaced by a new one and coffee

Yesterday when I arrived at home and were about to open the entrance I realized that the key was partly broken, it had a crack on it. I called my landlord because I thought he had a spare key which I could borrow, but he had not. He suggested me to visit a keymaker which he knew and who had a shop close to my home. The next day (today) after some search, I found the right address to the keymaker Georg from Turkey. The address which my landlord said it was, was not correct, but a friendly woman which I asked on the street helped me to find the way. I ordered two new keys and it costed 30 Euro. I brought my passport, my contract for the apartment, a paper from the burgerbüro (“civil office”) where it said that I lived at the address and a handwritten paper from my landlord where my landlord had confirmed that I had payed the first rent and the deposit of the apartment. In addition to that, I mentioned for the keymaker that I also had the phone number to the landlord if he had to call and confirm that I lived there. I never had to show any document to the keymaker.

The owner and his friend (or customer) was curious where I came from so they asked me if I was from Spain. No, I said, I am from Sweden. The friend/ customer said that he had cousins in Södertälje and in Stockholm. They said that there are a few Swedes living in Augsburg. Georg, the owner of the shop said that one of his customers are from Sweden and living here with her husband and family in Augsburg. Georg asked me to write my phone number on a piece of paper which he would hand over to this Swedish woman next time she arrived, I would like to meet other Swedes here to talk Swedish and share experiences.

Georg was very kind, he offered me and another customer coffee. I felt like home, like we had been my friend for a long time. The other customer wanted to discuss differences between Germany and Sweden, cultural things, foreigners, the last financial crisis, economical questions. I was away in total one and a half hour.


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