New Firmware to my Kodak PlaySport Zx5

New Firmware to my Kodak PlaySport Zx5

I have owned a Kodal PlaySport Zx5 since the summer/ fall 2011 and I have liked it for trips, sport activities such as biking, canoeing and trip skating in the winter time. It is also quite decent to have with you in the every day life if I find something nice to document here in Germany.

However, I have notified that the result has been worse and worse when I have rendered a movie clip in e.g. After Effects. First I thought that it was due to the h.264- codec that I use when rendering movies and that I might need another codec to get a better video quality.
All of a sudden, when I tried to copy a video clip back to my memory card and put it in the camera, the camera stopped work. The power button on the top lighted up for like five seconds and then it turned off again. The display was on for the same amount of time, but it was almost impossible to se the content on the screen.

I tried to charge the camera but it didn’t help. I also tried to adjust the brightness function which is written in the user manual of the Zx5 without any luck. Then, I begun to read comments in communities to see if other Zx5 users have had the same problem but nothing really matched 100%. But I suspected that it could be problem with the power cable. If the cable wasn’t connected straight in the USB slot of the camera, the camera might not have been charged.

I started to loose hope on the camera after all problems that other users had posted online. Ok I have to admit, the camera was not too expensive and it was not the best ever, but it had help me when I was blogging about my life in Germany and since I am working 50% at the moment, I don’t feel to buy another camera for USD300.

Then I found out that people in the communities suggested to upgrade the Firmware which I had not thought about at all. I downloaded the Firmware for OSX (if you are using Windows, you’ll find it here) meanwhile I charged the camera and copied all the video- and image files to my desktop. After installing the firmware successfully, I turned on the camera and it worked again.

Then it was just to go to “Applications” > “Disk Utility” > select the SD card to the left and then click Erase to make more space on the SD card. Good to go!


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