Today was a sunny day

Today was a sunny day

Today was a sunny, cold and quite vindy day. Branches of all sizes blew away from trees, I even heard something bumping in to the roof top where I live. The sun was reflecting on the glass roof of the bank building into my apartment while I was working on my computer so I took this picture. I am working on a Pdf with additional work samples that I will send to a head hunting company on Tuesday.

I ran today; 5,8 km at Sportanlage Süd (as usual) in 30 minutes (including a short brake). Then I did some exercises for the legs. I jumped sideways as far as I could and land on one leg, jump in the right direction using the left foot and land on the right foot. Then jump on the spot once with the right foot and then jump in the left direction with the right foot. We used to do this exercise during the pre-seasons when I played bandy in the late 90’s. We called it “grodhopp”. If I translate it directly, it would be called “frog-jump”.


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