M- Net Firmenlauf 2014 at Messe Augsburg

M- Net Firmenlauf 2014 at Messe Augsburg

The weekly running trainings ended last week but to wrap it all up, M- Net arranged the event M- Net Firmenlauf at Messe Augsburg today. M-Net Firmenlauf in Augsburg is a really nice event. The distance was 6,7 km on tarmac, tarmac was the only down side. 8000 participants and I got a medal afterwards. Some people dressed up funny in their teams as you can see on the images. Since I don’t have so many sporty colleagues and most of them are living in Munich, I ran with no team members. When I arrived to the area I didn’t know anyone. I was lucky, after I asked around a bit, I bumped into a person, Peter from M-Net which I talked a little bit to last Wednesday after the training. He helped me to get a competition number.

I started quite far away in the start since I warmed up a bit when people started to line up. We run at the border of the University and then to SGL Arena, the football stadium and then back again on another road. They served beer, water, soda and fruits afterwards. They also had a concert or an event indoors but I froze a bit and wanted a shower and I also needed to cook dinner and prepare a little bit for tomorrows working day. It took some time to bike home again. Then it started to rain and get dark. I did only know two people there among 8000 participants. Even if many runners left after the race, there were a lot of people who stayed. To find two people from that amount of people was just too hard I thought. Some people focused more on their dresses than on the race as you can see on the images. I think I ran on 30 minutes or so, I have to find out at trackmyrace.com later.

It is petty that the training events are over now, I kind of live up when I just come back from them. They made me feel good for a while, compared with the boring tasks that I do at work. Here are more pictures from the competition.


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