Checkout counters

Checkout counters

This is a mystery to me. Why has all (?) the checkout counters in German grocery stores so strange proportions? The space for the queue and where you put all your food are very long whereas the space after the cashier’s place, where you are supposed to pack your products are super short. It has been the same at all supermarkets I have been to. My father told me that he had been talking to the owner of his local supermarket store (Ica) in Sweden. The owner said that Lidl had the same proportions when they opened up their store in my hometown in Sweden. Lidl had to rebuild the checkout counters after a while (enlarge the space after the cashiers seat) so it met the Swedish customer’s need. Supermarkets in Sweden has the same kind of dimensions as the checkout counters at Ikea. The pictures are taken at Lidl and Rewe in Augsburg.


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