Home Office and nightmare

Home Office and nightmare

To save some time and get rid of the commuting I decided to work from home today. It would save three hours of commuting back and forth and I just had to work four hours today. I could sleep in a bit this morning, instead of waking up at 6.30 I could sleep until 9.30. One of my colleagues helped me to set it up this morning via Skype. I used a program called TeamViewer which is a remote desktop software. Using the TeamViewer, you can work with a computer from another computer via Internet.
It was very efficient. Click on the image to go to TeamViewer’s website where you can download a free version.

Before I went up this morning, I had a creepy dream which woke me up in perfect time around 9.20. Let me explain the dream: I sat at my desk at office and monitored the screen of the work I do while I sketched some wireframes for a future software. Suddenly the employee who think that he is the coolest and most macho person in Munich and the CEO passed by my work desk behind my back. These two persons were the last ones that I saw yesterday afternoon when I left the office. Then we had a quite shallow conversation in the kitchen before I left. In my nightmare they came back to my work desk and stopped behind my back. What are you doing here, the macho guy asked me from the right. From the left, the CEO pointed at one of my paper&pen sketches lying on the table to emphasize what they meant. I didn’t know what to say. I explained what my tasks are according to the current contract and then I asked a counter question to the macho guy; what are YOU doing here? That was the last thing that happened in the dream because I woke up and realized that it was time to go up.


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