BISS- Magazine, a Job interview in Munich and a Scandinavian meeting

BISS- Magazine a Job interview in Munich and a Scandinavian meeting

A lady who sells the magazine BISS for homeless/ social exposed people is sitting on a chair and sleeps at 8:05 am at Munich Central Station. She seems to be invisible to other people, including me if it didn’t was for my camera. I don’t feel comfortable when I pass by a homeless or a person in social need and when I realize that I ignore them. I could at least see them to make them feel present. I was on my way to an interview at the design company icon incar in Munich. The interview went quite well.

When I went back to the Central Station after the interview at noon, I saw the lady again. She was awake and she was still sitting at the same spot. When I stood at the platform waiting for the S6 towards Tutzing, I heard three men speaking Swedish to each other and I started to talk to them. One of them talked to me while the other two were quiet. They came from Stockholm and used to go to Munich a few times per year (obviously now and during Octoberfest) and their goal of their trips are to drink different beers. So now I have met a lot of Scandinavian people; three Swedes today at Munich Central Station, three Danes at the same time as Octoberfest was held (on the platform in München-Langwied) and two Finnish persons at Augsburg Central Station.


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