The German paper Bild’s World Cup- edition in soccer, June 6th, 2014

The German paper Bild's World Cup- edition in soccer, June 6th, 2014

The german paper “Bild” gave out a paper yesterday that is all about the upcoming World Cup in Soccer in Brazil. This is how the first and the last page looks like. The headline says: “Finally we go again! WORLD CUP FEVER!”

In Swedish media, two football experts (Johanna Frändén and Chris Härenstam from SVT) believe that Team Germany can be remembered as a “group of losers”. Härenstam says that Germany are often favorites to win the title together with two other teams but he does not think that Germany will reach the final. Team Germany’s peak was during the play off in Ukraine and an important factor is where the World Cup is held geographically, (this time in Brazil) and that could be a disadvantage for Germany. “It was too long time ago since Germany won World Cup (1990 in Italy) and this generation will not be remembered if they will win”. It could be the last chance for this German constellation to win although they are always letting new, younger talents play.

What the german paper Bild believes is not yet clear to me, I have to sit down and focus in order to understand. But according to the graphics at the last page, they believe that Germany will win the World Cup and german spectators will go crazy. I can also see a bit of teasing/ humiliating of the competitors. For instance two Brazilians who play in a sandbox, a character who looks like Diego Armando Maradona who holds a player in Team Argentina which has a pacifier in his mouth. And also the italian Mario Balotelli who takes off his shirt and flexing his muscles when he scores. A german player is starring at Balitello and imitates him with the upper body and makes a funny face towards him. I guess such teasing are part of the sport at least during the games when people feel a sense of unity to their fellow citizens.


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