Struggling with the bicycle

Struggling with the bicycle

In order to facilitate the service of the gears, I decided to lock the bicycle with the rear tire hanging in the air. I simply used the lock and pulled it through the bars at the package holder and locked it to a fence outside (at the court yard) besides the next entrance from where I live. By doing so, I could turn the cranks with one hand and adjusting the rear gear with the other hand. I thought it was a pretty good solution. Three people passed by while I was working like that without saying anything accept from hello. Then a man I’ve never seen before came biking. He stopped in front of me and asked me where I lived and then what I did, the whole conversation was held in german and I answered in german as well, as good as I could. I explained to him that I needed to pull up the rear wheel of the bike just for a moment. He asked me to release the bike from the fence because it could damage the painting. So I had to do it, although I thought that the fabric that covered the lock was limiting the risk of damages. I found another solution; I lifted up the back wheel by bending over so I had the back part of the saddle over my upper part of my back. It worked but it was not comfortable so i had to put the bike down on the ground and rest many times.


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