Banana Protein Pancakes

I will try this recipe this summer


I love pancakes, all kinds of pancakes. Whether they’re thin crêpes, fluffy American, small, big, buttermilk, plain or filled – they are one of my favourite foods. Myself and a friend regularly go to 2 places to have pancakes, one is The Diner, as they do great American style pancakes nice and fluffy, the other is called My Old Dutch, they do a variety of Dutch pancakes and now butterscotch pancakes. They do every flavour and topping you could imagine; they don’t just do pancakes they do waffles and meals too.

This all sounds great but I realise I have no idea how they make them and what they use! Luckily at MOD they have a gluten-free range which I often choose from but I thought why not just make my own, super healthily and cheaper! These are the simplest and tastiest homemade pancakes I’ve had, they’re thick and filling…

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