Training in the forest at Altenmünster

Training in the forest at Altenmünster

The man who approached me and asked me some questions after a training at Sportanlage Süd in Augsburg, and three of his friends planned to go to the place where a group competition will be held on Sunday next weekend. Each team consists of eight runners (and I replaced an injured person). The race consists of two distances; 6 km in the forest, in a hilly terrain and the other distance was 4 km in an open landscape between fields. Each team member run one distance, the first distance is the long distance and when the runner is finished, the next team member takes over and run the short track. I will run the long distance as the fifth person from our team (the view from the hill side, after one kilometer is very beautiful).

Half of our team was there today to practice the distances. We run the 6 km on 32 minutes and 4 km on 18 minutes. I was in the front of the group on both distances. The place where the competition is taking place is Altenmünster/ Landensberg, 37 km north- west of Augsburg, so we had to take a car to get there. It was other people who also tried the tracks before the race and there were also signs in the forest showing which direction to run. In the car on our way to the place, they asked me how far I use to run and how often. I mentioned my time I run on the half marathon for a month ago or so. When we finished the training (the two distances), one of the guy who was as fast as I was asked me in german if I ran the half marathon while sleeping. It was pretty nice to hear that.


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