This is how the start page of my search engine looks like today

This is how the start page of my search engine looks like today

This is how my Google start page looks like today, June 23rd. Candle lights and cakes. I guess that your start page is related with the soccer tournament.


3 thoughts on “This is how the start page of my search engine looks like today

  1. this is interesting. google must do a separate heading for different countries because here in uk it is different. it just shows a couple of coconut trees, a shed with a man drinking a cocktail from a coconut and a flag of the countries playing today’s match on each side. i have noticed google is prolific with its animated logo headings lately. they must spend hours doing it.

    • Hi and thanks for leaving a comment.
      I knew that my Google start page was going to differ a bit compared with most of the other Google users that day. I tell you why, it was my birthday (birthday cakes). Google has a new picture that refers to the World Cup which I assumed would be shown for others. Google probably spend a lot of time and money on profiling their page.

  2. when i saw the cakes i thought google was celebrating germany’s win in the world cup and that it does that for everyone who lives in germany. or for that matter in any other country when they win. and i figured we in england never got the celebratory cakes because england did not win anything in the world cup.
    when i had my birthday recently i got nothing like that from google, so i dont think google does that birthday thing for everyone on their birthday using their profile info. (maybe i did not fill that birthday information in my google profile, that is possible because i dont know where it is) so u must be either be v special or u work for google or something? haha. I have never heard of others being greeted personally by a google birthday on their birthday. i must say if google did it is very impressive.

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