Vulnerable people and social gaps

Vulnerable people and also social gaps

I have seen many poor, vulnerable people and also social gaps here in Germany. Today, a man in his mid 40’s approached me at Augsburg train station and asked for some money. He arrived in Germany ten days ago. He probably meant Germany rather than Augsburg because I had to ask him what he meant or correct his german. He said that he slept on the street and had to drink water while he searched for jobs. The man begged for 25 Cents (almost 2.50 SEK). I felt sorry for him and looked in my wallet and gave him 25 Cent.

I took this picture in Lechhausen or Lechhausen-West in Augsburg earlier this spring and I think it presents the inequality or the social gaps quite clearly. This is my opinion; a house (or a roof) is accept from food and possibly also love, consideration and appreciation, the most basic need a person needs. On the street is a Mercedes Benz SKL 200 Kompressor parked, at the same side of the street as the house. The car was one of the most prominent cars on that street.


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