The last exercise before the team competition on Sunday

Last exercise before the competition on Sunday at Altenmünster/ Landensberg. I ran to Gersthofen and back along Lech. The time tracking and distance tracking settings on my iPod nano did not start and I noticed that when I had run half way. It worked on the way back to Augsburg again. I stopped when I got to the bridge by the MAN factory in Augsburg because then the gravel road ended and I didn’t want to run that fast on tarmac. That distance was 5,7 km and my time was 27 minutes (5:17 min/ km). I like this track I choose today. You can see Lech during almost the whole distance and it is gravel mostly. When you come to Gersthofen, you can continue run very close to Lech on a path where it is even softer soil and no vehicles what so ever are allowed to be used on that path. I got little pain in my legs due to the ground which I ran on but as in many earlier exercises, it got better after that I had accomplished more than half of the distance. The total distance which I ran today was approximately 16 kilometers.


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