Landkreislauf 2014


Today, a very rainy day, the Landkreis relay race took place. Landkreis Altenmünster is located 25 km north west of Augsburg. Each team consisted of 8 runners and the race consisted of two distances: 4,4 km and 6,6 km. The first runner of each team ran 6,6 km and then switched to the second runner who ran 4,4 km and then it went on like that. I ran 6,6 km, a very hilly track in 28 minutes, 28 minutes was also was my goal. Our team’s finish time was: 3:11:17 and we ended on the 18th place. I saw some people from TG Viktoria which I have run together with on the Tuesdays interval trainings at Sportanlage Süd. I also spoked with a man who worn a cap with the text Sverige (Sweden) on the front. He had run Stockholm Marathon earlier this spring. Here is a link to the results from todays competiton. More images from the competition.


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