Trip to Sweden

Trip to Sweden

I flew to Sweden for some mini vacation and to meet family/ friends. I haven’t been in Sweden for six Months and I haven’t met many of my friends since I moved to Germany. I flew from Munich to Arlanda via Kastrup (Copenhagen). Before the landing in Denmark, the passengers could see a nice view of the ocean between Denmark and Sweden from the airplane window. It is colder in Sweden (it was foggy yesterday) but it is much brighter than in Germany. I imagine that it is as bright in Sweden at midnight as it is in Augsburg at 9 p.m. at the moment. When I went home from Arlanda, I passed by the 3M office outside of Stockholm. The trip took round about twelve hours, including time to wait for connecting flights, 2 hours to spend at the airport in Munich just to avoid any stress and trip to my hometown in Sweden.


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