Pain relief products for my stretched back

Pain ReliefSince I have hurt my back after some canoeing in Sweden, I rest (meaning no running at the moment). I treat the pain with some pain relief products; Tiger Balm which I brought from Sweden and an adhesive plaster called Salonpas (a product from Japan) which I got from a new colleague from China. She said that she used to have pain in her back as well and therefore kept a package of Salonpas in her bag. The Salonpas plaster feels like Tiger Balm, it cools/ burns on the area but it seems that the affect last longer than the Tiger Balm. My mum has said that the best way to rest the back is to lie on the bed/ couch with the legs in 90 degrees. When I got home from work today, I attached a plaster on the lower part of the back and lied down on the couch as you can see on the picture. I hope the pain will be gone in a couple of days so I can start to run again.


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