Saturday walk in Augsburg to Wassertürme at Rotes Tor

Wassertütme at Rotes Tor Augsburg2
Yesterday, Saturday July 26th, I took a walk in Augsburg city center. It was many people outside that seemed to be tourists, it was quite many people out side in general. I found a new way to a new favorite place, the old water tower, Wassertürme at Rotes Tor. I saw an open gate which lead to a passage through a valve where an ascent way lead to a park with trees, bushes and park benches. The gate ended where the roof ends in the left of the picture. At the other side of the valve, I took some pictures and merged them together to the image of the buildings you see here. This is a new favorite place in Augsburg. You can see the church St. Ulrich und Afra’s tower in the background to the left. And from this spot, It was not far from the herb garden (Augsburger Kräutergärtlein) which is another quaint place of Augsburg.


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