White and clean trunk of a Volvo 245. Minimalistic.

Volvo 245 @ Planegg S- Bahn  station. White and clean trunk.

A parked Volvo 245 at the S- Bahn station in Planegg. The trunk is white and clean, someone has even taken away the “Volvo 245” text that normally is placed at the bottom of the trunk. The german number plates has between 3 and 8 letter-number combinations. I think the most common amount of letters-numbers are 6 or 7 letters-numbers. I saw a car in Augsburg yesterday that had three (two letters and one number on it). The number plate that is on this Volvo is an old version, it is probably as old as the car itself. I bet that the car haven’t gone far at all, it seems to be in a very nice condition. I stayed (as the image tells) longer at work today, so I don’t need to work that long tomorrow.


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