Long distance running

iPod & KartaThis evening, I ran to Gersthofen and back and I brought my iPod Nano without earphones but used the Nike+ Fitness app. I haven’t had any friends on Nike+ website until my friend Yangchen added me earlier this week. I sent some other friend requests too and now I have three friends on that platform. Now, I am triggered to bring my iPod every time I go for a run, it almost feels like a competition with my friends 😉

I ran this way: Senkelbachstraße -> Bourges-Platz -> Liebigstraße -> Thommstraße -> St2036 -> over Lech -> Leipziger Straße -> along the river Lech (in the forest) -> under Autobahn/ E52 -> Gersthofer Straße/ Kanalstraße -> over Lech again and Lechkanal -> south again along Lech -> over Lech at the Autobahn bridge/ E52 -> after I crossed Lech I took the exact same way back home again.

The distance was 15 km according to Google Maps but 12,7 km according to my Nike+ iPad app. Time: 1:07:10, I had an average pace of 5:15 min per km.


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