Things doesn’t always turn out the way you planned or expected

Diagram förfinad version-smallI present an estimation of  which the current employer gave me in September 2013 when I was negotiating a potential work opportunity. The percentage shows areas in which the company — or the manager of my department  — thought that I could be useful within.

After five months as an Interaction Designer at the company, I still hadn’t worked with any real Interaction Design project. What I had worked mots with during the five first months was CS (Content Studio (?)) and CMS (Content Management System) and it override more than the total percentage that they estimated at the start. It is a sign of how bad they manage to plan projects. How could they calculate that wrong? It is not what people say that matters, it is how they act that matters (or as in this case) it is what they let me work with that matters. 

I don’t feel so happy here, I long back to Sweden. Accept from the group of mid- aged runners that I sometimes join in Augsburg, I don’t feel that I have any bounds with anyone else. The design thinking at work is different from my stand point. I think that could be another reason why I don’t feel that I have any particular bounds with anyone there either. The company use their technology as the start point in projects. They think: “we have this technology — so what can we use it for?”. As an Interaction Designer I start from the the user, the users needs or a problem that I have identified, that is the big difference between me and my employer. However, I believe that all jobs deserves a chance, how would you otherwise know if it suits you?


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