Potato loaf (kartoffelbrot)

KartoffelbrotRewe, the supermarket at Viktoriastrasse, next to Augsburg train station has a really nice potato- bread/ loaf. Mixed wheat bread with 7% potato content.

Zutaten: Weizenmehl 47%, Wasser, Roggenmehl, Kartoffelflocken, Natursaugerteig (Wasser, Roggenmehl, Roggenvollkornmehl), Hefe, Speisesalz, Welzengluten, Maisgries, Gerstenröstmalz, Säureregulator, Calciumacetat, Karamell, Emulgator, Rapslecithin, Säuerungsmittel Milchsäure. Kann spuren von Schalenfrüchten enthalten.


2 thoughts on “Potato loaf (kartoffelbrot)

  1. Yummy! I remember visiting a Rewe when I was in Berlin. They have everything there! Thanks for including the German translation of this bread. I was able to translate it surprisingly (basic German for the win!).

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