New running shoes

New running shoes, August 21
I bought new running shoes today after work, they were on sale at Intersport in Planegg. I tried two pair of shoes from two different brands, a yellow pair from Reebok which were designed for running on tarmac and the blue/ white from Asics (model: GT- 1000, as you can see on the images). 

It was just a few pair of these models left in their stock so the company had reduced the price to sell them easier. Since I run both on tarmac and on gravel, I choose to buy the Asics. Intersport had reduced the price twice – first from € 119,95 to € 79,95 and finally to € 69,95 before I bought them. The sales man said that running shoes should be replaced each second year or after 800k. My old running shoes (the white/ red) are also Asics and I bought them in July or August 2011. The new shoes has the same size as the old ones, 42.2 (european measurement).

I will bring my old running shoes to Intersport on Monday to show them for the sales man, he offered me to ‘analyze’ them and give me feedback. He suggested me to buy more stable insoles but I thought the original ones was good enough, but he managed to sell a pair of running socks to me for almost € 16. Now, I need to ‘jog in’ the new shoes until the half Marathon that will take place in ten days.


2 thoughts on “New running shoes

  1. Yes, it it quite tricky because one uses the shoes so much, I know that Asics is good for my feet. Thanks, I have some time to exercise and get used to them before Sunday next week.

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