Bike trip to Friedberg

After I picked up the start number for the Half marathon, I decided to bike to Friedberg, a village outside of Augsburg to see how it looked like. I have heard that a Half Marathon will take place in Friedberg in September and it will be quite hilly. It turned out that it was quite hilly and also very, very beautiful and picturesque. I already knew that Augsburg is beautiful, but Friedberg is – in my world – something extra. Narrow streets, old buildings, calm, quiet, a old (and not longer working) water tower for the village everything embraced by a city wall. Everything built on a hill. It was also a castle there, that is nowadays a museum which I want to visit at some point. I really want to run the Half marathon at this beautiful place. I took a lot of pictures but choose to publish the ones that have the little extra cosy feeling on the blog.

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What an amazing view this family must have.




11th Kissinger Half marathon, a Start Number from last year…

I called the gym in Kissing this afternoon and asked if the start numbers had arrived and they had. I biked this way to Kissing to get it. The temperature was great for biking the 11 km to Kissing although it rained a  little bit from time to time. It took me 40 minutes to get there. The parking lot is behind the start number and the gym’s entrance is behind the crane. The start is at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, it is less than 200 people that has signed up. The weather forecast says rain and 18 C. But on the other hand, it was risk for rain today too, but it didn’t rain much so I hope that it will be good weather in the end. I just wonder why it says “10. Kissinger Halb Marathon 25. August 2013” on the Start Number.
I thought it was the year 2014 and that the race will be held this Sunday, the 31st of August…

Bicycle trip to Gersthofen


Bridge where Autobahn (E52) is crossing Lech near the village of Gersthofen, about 8 km north of Augsburg. I biked to Gersthofen this sunny day. It was a shorts and t-shirt weather. It was a nice way and good for jogging. Along the gravel way, there was different equipments for outdoor gym exercising. Note the light that comes through the bridge at the the image to the right.

Bicycle maintenance. I was looking for an answer like this but I found it kind of too late


I just had to look at this youtube video to solve the problem with my bicycle. I just needed to know the right word to search for i.e. “silver shifters” or “down tube shifters“. My levers are not completely made out of steel (“silver”), they rather have a black plastic cover on it so I don’t agree on that term, but I understand down tube shifters. However, “silver shifters” generated way more relevant results for my particular problem. When I realized which word I needed to use to in my research, I had already disconnected the gear wire and adjusted the screws behind the rear derailleur. My initial belief was actually that I just had to tighten the lever (silver shifter) but since I had faced issued with my bicycle over shifting a couple of times lately, I thought that it would be a good opportunity to adjust that as well. I also removed some mud and dust from the frame and raised the saddle a little bit. Those things were actually the best improvements of today’s bicycle maintenance.

The remaining problems that I have is to both adjust the screws back so that the rear derailleur operates in a good manner and make sure that both the gear lever and the wire are tightened. Let’s try to fix it tomorrow. Does anyone know what the correct name is; Silver shifter or Down tube shifter?

A nice bicycle trip to Weitmannsee this afternoon


A nice bicycle trip to Weitmannsee this afternoon

I went for a bicycle trip this afternoon in the sun (here is a map). I biked towards Kissing and stopped at Weitmannsee. It was a very nice route, I passed Stempflesee at Sportanlage Süd and Hochablass, Kuhsee and Auensee. I saw some birds crossing the gravel road trying to go to their parents. I will definitely do the trip again if it is good weather. I didn’t like the small flies that got stucked in the hair, in my face and basically everywhere. Luckily I had my sun glasses on.

Bicycle excursion tomorrow


Bicycle excursion tomorrow

This is a plan of a bicycle excursion to Döpshofen (the image/ map at the top) and/ or to Naturparks Westliche Wälder (the bottom image/ map). The circle in the middle shows the way between Döpshofen and Naturparks Westliche Wälder.

It is quite far, it takes more than one hour to go there by bicycle and the route is quite complex. Since it is 2 pm right now when I make this post and the fact that the weather forecast shows that the risk of rain is less tomorrow, I decide to plan to bike there early tomorrow instead. I can also create a better blueprint during the evening so I can find the way easier.

Here is the link to the route to Döpshofen. Here is the link to the route to Naturparks Westliche Wälder. Here is the link to the route between Döpshofen and Naturparks Westliche Wälder.