Bike trip to Friedberg

After I picked up the start number for the Half marathon, I decided to bike to Friedberg, a village outside of Augsburg to see how it looked like. I have heard that a Half Marathon will take place in Friedberg in September and it will be quite hilly. It turned out that it was quite hilly and also very, very beautiful and picturesque. I already knew that Augsburg is beautiful, but Friedberg is – in my world – something extra. Narrow streets, old buildings, calm, quiet, a old (and not longer working) water tower for the village everything embraced by a city wall. Everything built on a hill. It was also a castle there, that is nowadays a museum which I want to visit at some point. I really want to run the Half marathon at this beautiful place. I took a lot of pictures but choose to publish the ones that have the little extra cosy feeling on the blog.

105_2458Friedberg backen widescreen 140829


What an amazing view this family must have.




Things doesn’t always turn out the way you planned or expected

Diagram förfinad version-smallI present an estimation of  which the current employer gave me in September 2013 when I was negotiating a potential work opportunity. The percentage shows areas in which the company — or the manager of my department  — thought that I could be useful within.

After five months as an Interaction Designer at the company, I still hadn’t worked with any real Interaction Design project. What I had worked mots with during the five first months was CS (Content Studio (?)) and CMS (Content Management System) and it override more than the total percentage that they estimated at the start. It is a sign of how bad they manage to plan projects. How could they calculate that wrong? It is not what people say that matters, it is how they act that matters (or as in this case) it is what they let me work with that matters. 

I don’t feel so happy here, I long back to Sweden. Accept from the group of mid- aged runners that I sometimes join in Augsburg, I don’t feel that I have any bounds with anyone else. The design thinking at work is different from my stand point. I think that could be another reason why I don’t feel that I have any particular bounds with anyone there either. The company use their technology as the start point in projects. They think: “we have this technology — so what can we use it for?”. As an Interaction Designer I start from the the user, the users needs or a problem that I have identified, that is the big difference between me and my employer. However, I believe that all jobs deserves a chance, how would you otherwise know if it suits you?

Extremes in terms of businesses at Wertachstraße in Augsburg

DSC02172This photo is taken on the big street — Wertachstraße — 29th of March, 2014 and it is one of the cooler photos that I have taken lately (lets say the last 6 months). The colors, contrasts, grain and other things could of course be better, but the funny thing with this photo is the motive, i.e. a wig shop (to the left) is a neighbor with a barber shop (to the right). Talk about extremes, how cool is that?


A Key Fiddle musician at the Historisches Fest am Wertachbrucker Thor


When I walked around at the area of the Historisches Fest am Wertachbrucker Thor today, the very last day of the festival, I got surprised. I saw a couple of musicians at the other side of a dining tent. They were walking around and played music for the guests of the “restaurant”.

I decided to go and listen to them while they were playing and then talk to them. I suspected that the man was playing the instrument Key Fiddle, which I also have learnt to play. The man was playing the smallest type of Key Fiddle that exists. Although we spoked german to each other, I used the swedish word “nyckelharpa”Nyckelharpa is a quite common word internationally and all those who play the instrument are familiar with the word. He explained to me that it was a Key Fiddle, with three strings — an A- string, a C- string and a more lighter C- string. He said that he had not a proper bow, he used a bow which he couldn’t adjust the tension.

I asked him if he had tried to play on a bigger Key Fiddle but he hadn’t. I asked if he knew anyone else in Germany, or in the area that also played Key Fiddle. He said that he had talked with a guest at the festival. A woman who came from Cologne which also played Key Fiddle. He said that most germans — at least in the south part of the country — are not aware of the instrument Key Fiddle. I said that I came from Sweden and I had a Key Fiddle of “normal” (bigger) size at home which my grandfather had built and that I had learn how to play it on a few summer workshops in Sweden. I also told him that I believed that the Key Fiddle originally came from Germany to Sweden, for a long time ago.

Navid Modiri, sommarvärd i Sveriges Radio P1 den 17 juli


I sitt sommarprat i Sveriges Radio P1 den 17 juli 2014 berättade Navid Modiri om vad ordet mellanförskap betyder. Det är när man inte riktigt känner att man passar in i den miljön man befinner sig i. Det kan handla om en individs ursprung och resultera i ensamhet eller önskan om att fly undan. Jag kände igen mig i hans beskrivning, jag har ju bott en tid i både Danmark och nu i Tyskland och ensamheten är en tydlig del av vardagen. Navid spelade även många bra låtar och jag vill härmed dela låtlistan med er. Navid Modiris program var ett utav de mest intressanta hittills i år tycker jag.

Summer office

Summer office in Sweden for a couple of days with view over the lake. But due to slow Internet connection and some issues to reach network and such things, the focus from relaxing and recovering disappeared and I decided to go back home to the city where I had better Internet connection. It speeded up the time for me to do the tasks of those things which I could reach but it didn’t help me when it came to connecting to the server.

A stand with cigarett samples, a smoking area and a tobacco kiosk


Tobacco stand, smoke area and tobacco kiosk

In Germany it is not only possible to advert for cigaretts at bus stops and such, it seems that they are also allowed to put up stands where you can try new cigarett brands or new types of cigaretts. I saw this girl at Augsburg train station today. She is not older than I am and she has a table with multiple cigarett boxes and a big poster behind her with images of cigarett packages showing cigarett packages from different brands. “A good choice” it says, I am not sure about that, the best is to not start to smoke. By the way, the yellow line that goes around the trash bin is a smoking area and the kiosk is where you can buy cigaretts. This would never happen in Sweden. It was interesting to see this difference.