How schools kill creativity

Very funny and also very seriously facts and I agree to much of what Ken Robinson says.



Idag är det Sveriges nationaldag; hurra, hurra, hurra, hurra!!!
Du Gamla Du Friska – från folkvisa till nationalsång

Hur Du Gamla Du Friska (Fria), skriven av Richard Dybeck, kom att bli Sveriges Nationalsång. Intressant. Visste inte att sången spelades sist på kvällarna i radion runt 40- talet eller att några nya strofer skrevs som förslag för att byta ut viss text i samband med unionsupplösningen med Norge 1905. Visste heller inte att det arrangerades så många tävlingar genom historien med förslag på nya nationalsånger eller att dagens ungdom inte känner till nationalsången annat än från idrottsevenemang; den var ju från början en folkvisa och hyllning till Norden.

A neighbor left this message in my mailbox for some days ago


Flyer in the mailbox from a neighbor

For some days ago I got this flyer in the mailbox from a neighbor but I waited until today to translate it. After translating via Google, it says:

  • “Again residential break-in attempt! Well Wednesday 28 May 2014! Door lock destroyed! Between 14:15 and 16.30 clock. Who knows this car? Who has the call? Anyone who has watched what the did. I suspect this as the perpetrator. How many were there? How did they look? What did the basement? Please XXXX- message in mailbox. Thank you! Protects your apartment from burglary! The cellar before arson pointed next door was! Firemen water not zuparken! Earlier similar in the afternoon time current-line-sabotage in the basement! My landlord wants to sell the way! Employment office next door wants hochbaun. I have protection against dismissal. Who wants to buy, continue to rent to me? Dog barking should to be less. If again what is quiet please call police. Not all police officers are angry, only the thugs!”

I can agree that another neighbor’s dogs should bark less in the staircase, I think it is annoying too. Scary if they were thieves, I’ll be more observant from now on.

Sweden vs. Germany in renewable energy sources


Sweden vs. Germany in renewable energy sources

I watched the program “Kodjos (k)val” on Swedish television (SVT play). Kodjo tries to answers political questions before the EU- election that take place now in May. In the first program, he tried to answer the energy and global environment question. Sweden is in top of EU and has 51% renewable energy sources where as Germany has 12,4%. The average percentage of renewable energy sources in EU is around 14%. Worst is Malta with 1,4%.(Sources: SVT, Eurostat 2012).