Bike trip to Friedberg

After I picked up the start number for the Half marathon, I decided to bike to Friedberg, a village outside of Augsburg to see how it looked like. I have heard that a Half Marathon will take place in Friedberg in September and it will be quite hilly. It turned out that it was quite hilly and also very, very beautiful and picturesque. I already knew that Augsburg is beautiful, but Friedberg is – in my world – something extra. Narrow streets, old buildings, calm, quiet, a old (and not longer working) water tower for the village everything embraced by a city wall. Everything built on a hill. It was also a castle there, that is nowadays a museum which I want to visit at some point. I really want to run the Half marathon at this beautiful place. I took a lot of pictures but choose to publish the ones that have the little extra cosy feeling on the blog.

105_2458Friedberg backen widescreen 140829


What an amazing view this family must have.





samma tapet sommarstugan & tåg i augsburgWhen I travelled to work this morning, I saw a girl with a thermos. The thermos had a gap between the container itself — which holds the liquid — and the outermost surface where the user grips/ holds the cylinder. The user could put a paper in that distance so one could customize the thermos. The outermost surface was transparent so it enabled you to see the paper you put in between. The girl had the same pattern as the old wallpaper that we had at the guest cottage at the summer house.

Extremes in terms of businesses at Wertachstraße in Augsburg

DSC02172This photo is taken on the big street — Wertachstraße — 29th of March, 2014 and it is one of the cooler photos that I have taken lately (lets say the last 6 months). The colors, contrasts, grain and other things could of course be better, but the funny thing with this photo is the motive, i.e. a wig shop (to the left) is a neighbor with a barber shop (to the right). Talk about extremes, how cool is that?


10 tips for taking better travel photos

Ten tips for taking better travelling photos.

In Flow with Otto

To arbeidskarer slapper av før dagens arbeid begynner

To travel and to photograph are for many the ultimate fulfilment of desires and dreams – and in those two activities combined everything seems to come together in a higher unity. Travelling may entail far away places or just exploring one’s own place in ways not tried out before. No matter what; travelling is a way of opening our senses and minds to the new and unknown – and it’s a way of living in the very moment, the now, like we never seem to be able to in our regular lives. That is what is so compelling about travelling: the feeling of adventure and the feeling of being alive. And as contradictory as it may sound, the intensity of the now is something we want to record and capture in order to be able to teleport back again to those moments when regular life once again has engulfed…

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Saturday walk in Augsburg to Wassertürme at Rotes Tor

Wassertütme at Rotes Tor Augsburg2
Yesterday, Saturday July 26th, I took a walk in Augsburg city center. It was many people outside that seemed to be tourists, it was quite many people out side in general. I found a new way to a new favorite place, the old water tower, Wassertürme at Rotes Tor. I saw an open gate which lead to a passage through a valve where an ascent way lead to a park with trees, bushes and park benches. The gate ended where the roof ends in the left of the picture. At the other side of the valve, I took some pictures and merged them together to the image of the buildings you see here. This is a new favorite place in Augsburg. You can see the church St. Ulrich und Afra’s tower in the background to the left. And from this spot, It was not far from the herb garden (Augsburger Kräutergärtlein) which is another quaint place of Augsburg.

Trip to Sweden


Trip to Sweden

I flew to Sweden for some mini vacation and to meet family/ friends. I haven’t been in Sweden for six Months and I haven’t met many of my friends since I moved to Germany. I flew from Munich to Arlanda via Kastrup (Copenhagen). Before the landing in Denmark, the passengers could see a nice view of the ocean between Denmark and Sweden from the airplane window. It is colder in Sweden (it was foggy yesterday) but it is much brighter than in Germany. I imagine that it is as bright in Sweden at midnight as it is in Augsburg at 9 p.m. at the moment. When I went home from Arlanda, I passed by the 3M office outside of Stockholm. The trip took round about twelve hours, including time to wait for connecting flights, 2 hours to spend at the airport in Munich just to avoid any stress and trip to my hometown in Sweden.

The Perlachturm in Augsburg


The Perlachturm in Augsburg

Next to the city hall/ Rathaus, there is a taller tower (called: Perlachturm) which you can enter to enjoy the amazing view over Augsburg and the surrounded nature. I visited the tower this afternoon, it costs 1,50 € for adults to enter the tower which you pay right before you enter the last level of stairs. The tower is open from first of May to the middle of October between 10 am and 6 pm. At the top, you can read about different landmarks and also use the binocular to get a closer look at buildings. The binocular is placed towards the church St Ulrich und Afra in the south. On the way up/down there are pictures of how the Perlachturm, the Rathaus and also other buildings looked like just during the end of World War 2 and after the war when the buildings was restored. Here is a link to leisure activities for tourists (or local citizens) in Augsburg.