A Key Fiddle musician at the Historisches Fest am Wertachbrucker Thor


When I walked around at the area of the Historisches Fest am Wertachbrucker Thor today, the very last day of the festival, I got surprised. I saw a couple of musicians at the other side of a dining tent. They were walking around and played music for the guests of the “restaurant”.

I decided to go and listen to them while they were playing and then talk to them. I suspected that the man was playing the instrument Key Fiddle, which I also have learnt to play. The man was playing the smallest type of Key Fiddle that exists. Although we spoked german to each other, I used the swedish word “nyckelharpa”Nyckelharpa is a quite common word internationally and all those who play the instrument are familiar with the word. He explained to me that it was a Key Fiddle, with three strings — an A- string, a C- string and a more lighter C- string. He said that he had not a proper bow, he used a bow which he couldn’t adjust the tension.

I asked him if he had tried to play on a bigger Key Fiddle but he hadn’t. I asked if he knew anyone else in Germany, or in the area that also played Key Fiddle. He said that he had talked with a guest at the festival. A woman who came from Cologne which also played Key Fiddle. He said that most germans — at least in the south part of the country — are not aware of the instrument Key Fiddle. I said that I came from Sweden and I had a Key Fiddle of “normal” (bigger) size at home which my grandfather had built and that I had learn how to play it on a few summer workshops in Sweden. I also told him that I believed that the Key Fiddle originally came from Germany to Sweden, for a long time ago.


Augsburg Plärrer


Augsburg’s annual Amusement Park Plärrer in the evening of May 1st. I was there to get some nice film clips of all lights and movements of the constructions. I got some cool sense of depth in the film and I also managed to capture some footage of amused people. I didn’t try any carousel, thought it was a bad idea when I carried around my camera, Sony Nex- 5t and the Canon 35 mm 1:3.5 FD lens.

Fireworks from Augsburger Plärrer


Fireworks from the amusement park Augsburger Plärrer, April 25th, 2014 at 10.30 P.M.. I recored this clip from my window.  Augsburger Plärrer is Schwaben’s biggest festival, it is coming back every year and it is going on for two weeks after Easter. I have posted images and other videos from this festival earlier. The building in the foreground in the video is a bank.

The temporary amusement park Augsburger Plärrer


The amusement park Augsburger Plärrer is Schwabens biggset festival. April 27th 2014 at 8 p.m. A rainy Sunday and just a few people was walking around the carousels but more people was in the beer tents. I took a walk in the evening since I had been inside all day. I brought my pocket camera Kodak Zx5 rather than my wallet and decided to record some film clips and this is the result.

Augsburger Plärrer – an annual amusement park


Augsburger Plärrer - an annual amusement park

Augsburger Plärrer is an annual amusement park located 200 to 300 meter from where I live. Augsburger Plärrer is Schwaben’s biggest festival and it is ongoing for two weeks each year (April 20st to May 4th). It is going to be some fireworks tonight at 10.30 pm. Here are some images that I took this afternoon. There are a lot of places where people can eat and rink, one bar they had a massive tent with pub inside. I saw two police men with green uniforms carrying away a man. There were a lot of people dressed up in lederhosen (leather breeches) and the dirndl, dressed by the women.