The very last day of the Historisches Fest am Wertachbrucker Thor, 2014

This clip is recorded the very last day of the festival Historisches Fest am Wertachbrucker Thor — August 10th, 2014 — in Augsburg. The Key Fiddle player and his companion, the woman who plays a drum — which I spoked with — are present in the video.


Fireworks from Augsburger Plärrer


Fireworks from the amusement park Augsburger Plärrer, April 25th, 2014 at 10.30 P.M.. I recored this clip from my window.  Augsburger Plärrer is Schwaben’s biggest festival, it is coming back every year and it is going on for two weeks after Easter. I have posted images and other videos from this festival earlier. The building in the foreground in the video is a bank.

Sequences from Augsburg and München


Everyday scenes from my life in Germany put together to a short movie. The film clips are recorded in Augsburg (Schwaben) and München (Bayern) between September and December 2013. Read more about each sequence:
> Stempflesee (
> St Ulrich und Afra (
> Wertach (
> Siebentischwald (
> Goldener Saal (
> Weihnachtsmarkt (
> Augsburg Angels play (
> Coat of Arms (“Herladiskt vapen”) (
> Theatinerkirche (,_Munich)
> Der Olympiaturm (

Augsburger Plärrer – an annual amusement park


Augsburger Plärrer - an annual amusement park

Augsburger Plärrer is an annual amusement park located 200 to 300 meter from where I live. Augsburger Plärrer is Schwaben’s biggest festival and it is ongoing for two weeks each year (April 20st to May 4th). It is going to be some fireworks tonight at 10.30 pm. Here are some images that I took this afternoon. There are a lot of places where people can eat and rink, one bar they had a massive tent with pub inside. I saw two police men with green uniforms carrying away a man. There were a lot of people dressed up in lederhosen (leather breeches) and the dirndl, dressed by the women.